Lotte Peanut and Chocolate Pepero

It’s been a few days since my last update. Hopefully there won’t be any more periods of such prolonged absence in the future – but you never know. To get back into the swing of things, I thought I’d jump right in with what I can confidently say is one of the more popular Korean snacks out there, Pepero (빼빼로, or ‘bbae-bbae-ro’).


Pepero is very similar to the perhaps much more well-known Japanese snack Pocky (ポッキ), a snack that even most of the big name supermarkets sell in their Asian foods aisle. Pepero however is just as easily purchased in your nearest China town, or online Asian foods market.

Pepero, as my girlfriend tells me, effectively means ‘very skinny’ in Korean. To refer to someone as 빼빼한 is to say they’re built like one of Alberto Giacometti’s sculptures. As the pictures illustrate, each stick is long and slim, and so the name fits. High-fives all around to Lotte’s marketing department!


This snack comes in several different flavours, and all of them are very, very good. I thought I’d start my first Pepero review with one I hadn’t tried before – peanut and chocolate. I personally think the white chocolate flavour is unbeatable, but this one is also amazing. Let’s not get bogged down in the details now.


On average, you tend to get maybe eight or nine sticks per pack. Not a great amount (and certainly less than your average box of Pocky), though Pepero is much more ‘meaty’ in terms of size, and you don’t need to pack half a dozen of them into your mouth to really get the flavours to come out.

So what is Pepero? Pepero consists of slim, maybe six inch-long breadsticks covered most of the way with some kind of chocolatey topping. One end is the exposed stick, so you can grab them and eat without the worry of getting yourself messy; the other is thick with flavour, and ready to eat.

Unlike most snacks which feature breadsticks, Pepero doesn’t use those harsh, crunchy kinds that can really dry your mouth out. The chocolate dips and whatnot we have here in the U.K are guilty of this. Instead, they’re much softer, and much nearer to chocolate in terms of texture. What they do to achieve that, I have no idea. But it’s a good choice.


I will shamefully admit that shortly after taking the pictures, I destroyed the entire box in record time. I’m not kidding. If my eating experience were to be named after a movie, it’d definitely be Gone in 60 Seconds. Shame aside, I think that’s testament to just how delicious these things are. Certainly a single sitting eat, anyway – unless of course you’re 빼빼로 yourself…

Pepero is also extremely cheap. The Chinese market I most frequently visit sells them for under a pound per box – cheap as chips. Take five pounds in there and you could easily come away with a box of each, and quickly work your way into those size 40 trousers.

The snack comes in a variety of different flavours, half a dozen of which I’ve seen over here in the U.K. I’ll almost certainly be reviewing a different flavour in the weeks to come, so keep your eyes open!