Why Snack World?

Hello all!

I started this blog for two chief reasons: one, I love to eat; and two, because I love eating Korean food – snacks especially.

After eating so many delicious snacks, I naturally wanted to recommend them to my friends. In every case they ended up loving them too. I figured why not do it a large scale? This way I can eat more (with a little impunity, at least), and hopefully convince a few others to expand their snacking horizon.

So why Snack World? Pretty simply, really. I wanted something that works in Korean as well as English. Given my Korean is terrible, I was stuck with a relatively narrow lexicon to choose from. I knew the word ‘snack’ (gan-shik, or 간식), and the word ‘world’ (seh-sang, or 세상) – thus, Snack World was born.

Does that mean I can speak Korean? A little. I’ve been studying on and off, whenever I’m not busy, for the past year or so. I can read okay (even if I don’t always know what I’m reading), and my pronunciation, by all accounts, is pretty good. Still, my understanding of grammar leaves much to be desired. Vocabulary, too.

That being said, my aim with this blog is to make frequent updates on any Korean snack food I can get my hands on. That will include anything from jellied sweets and hard candies, all the way to savoury snacks and bottled drinks. As the name entails, I will only be reviewing snacks, and no main dishes. I feel there are a number of better, more equipped people out there than myself to review the myriad of Korean dishes – and that’s how I’d prefer to keep it.

I expect the style will change in the coming months, years even; so any comments and suggestions you might have, don’t hesitate to send me some mail!

– An English snack lover



Author: ganshiksehsang

Snack eater, book lover, movie addict.

One thought on “Why Snack World?”

  1. Great start 🙂 wish you a good luck !it’s gonna be a big successful site full of fun posts and interesting snacks 🙂 cheeers ddong 🙂


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